Nia Morgan can currently be found somewhere between the rolling hills of Mid-Wales and the rugged skyline of Manchester, sometimes basking in the rays of her folk heritage and at other times seeking solace in less native sounds. With songs draped in rich melody and a stunningly soulful voice that both lulls and quietly incites, Radio 1's Huw Stephens describes her music as "beautiful and honest". She is a guitarist, bilingual vocalist, pianist, violinist and harpist but her real passion is "the lure of penning a song that might just attach itself to someone else's soul".

"There are moments where you can just tell there's a trained musician at work but there's also a rawness.... Utterly bewitching, phenomenal - it is some of the most impressive and soulful music I've played on this programme in a long, long time." (Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales)